Director A. Klainbaum
Please address all correspondence to Abel Klainbaum, the current director of the facility.

Email or telegrams only, please.

•How did you start working with robots?

AK- Completely by accident. I was living in North Georgia, and one day I figured, ‘Why not house a few robots?’ I noticed that most of these robots were very old and not truly serviceable. When I had to move, it looked like I was going to have to find a home for them, but this was not easy. It seemed that nobody wanted them!

And that got me thinking: Where do all these old robots go? I looked into it, and the truth was very disturbing. Because of this, I started "Chronicles of Rust," an advocacy program to document negligent decay in our community. (Here are some documents that I have collected over the years). Soon after I figured, “These robots need a home, and if not me, then who?”

• Wow! What a colossal waste of time. What else do you do? Do you do anything of value?

AK- Yes! I also run the  Appalachian Spork Institute, with some of the greatest spork-makers of our generation.