Born in the outskirts of northern Bogota, Colombia, Abel Klainbaum currently resides in Athens, GA, where he explores multi-media projects: Macro-photography, experimental documentaries, murder-ballad puppet shows, furniture design, aluminum and clay sculptures, and web-based environments.

Most currently, “Lupita’s Revenge,” a shadow-puppet play with live music, is touring museums, black-box theaters, and galleries around the country. His Heimlich Maneuver documentary, “The History of Choking,” was featured at domestic and international film festivals. (Best Short Documentary, Chicago Underground). And working as cinematographer, HBO’s Emmy-nominated "Monica and David" won Best Documentary at Tribeca.

His films and plays have been presented at the Ringling Museum, the High Museum of Art, the Wolfsonian Museum, the Cosford Theater, Lyndon House Arts Center, Museum of Contemporary Art, 7 Stages Theater, and many of his collaborations have been presented around the world.


(From a very early age, Abel Klainbaum has found it incredibly difficult to write about himself in the third person).